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Upcoming Events
Discover the Excitement Ahead for the 2023-2024 Training Year

Join us for some exciting upcoming events that are sure to challenge and inspire you. We have planned a variety of events that are designed to help you develop your leadership skills, engage in community service projects, and more. You can view the details of each event and sign up to participate by clicking on the links provided in the list below.

Click the button below to view the 2051 Training Schedule and Google Event Calendar.

No matter where you go, there you are...

ADA Orienteering Day

Date: May 25

Time: drop off @ 0900 | pickup @ 1600

Location: Rundle Park

Cadets will participate in a joint Area Discretionary Activity (ADA) Orienteering Day with cadets from 3 other cadet units. The day will consist of a beginner instruction course, and orienteering event, followed by a post-game debriefing.

Click below to sign up for the activity.

Reading a Compass

It's a wrap!

Annual Ceremonial Review

Date: June 15, 2024

Time: Cadets drop off @ 0800 | pickup @ 1600

Location: LHQ

Our Annual Ceremonial Review is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th and we would be honoured if you would attend. Guests are to be seated by 12:45 PM as the ceremony will start at 1:00 PM sharp. The ceremony will be held at our LHQ 6770 129 Ave.

Please RSVP to (or by using the button below) with the number of attendees.

Following the ceremony, the cadets have prepared interactive displays for parents & guests to enjoy.

Parents, guardians, family members, and member of the public are invited to attend to Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR). Guests are asked to be seated by 12:45 PM and follow directions from adult staff/volunteers for the location of the parade and interactive displays.

Stay tuned as we brew up more events...

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