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Corps Clothing
Building esprit-de-corps, one clothing article at a time!

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Welcome to the 2051 Dragoons Parent Committee

Wear Your Pride with Our Corps Clothing

Are you ready to show your pride and support for the 2051 19th Alberta Dragoons?

Do you want to look cool and cozy in a high-quality clothing that features our unit?

If you answered yes, then you’re in luck!


2023 Hoodie Ordering Campaign - CLOSED

Don’t miss the next opportunity to get your own 2051 Dragoons Hoodie and show your cadet spirit.  A New order is planned for January/February, depending on interest.  Spread the word to your fellow cadets and parents.

2051 Dragoons T-Shirt

T-shirts have been distributed to all returning cadets that attended the 2022-2023 training year. If you are a returning cadet and have not received your t-shirt, please stop by Supply.

Note: we are currently discussing our options for the excess t-shirts available.

Expanding the Collection

We are currently working on expanding the collection! Here's an idea of what we are working on (note that these are not confirmed):

  • Shorts

  • Sweatpants / joggers

  • Water bottles

Do you have any suggestions? Let us know at:

Click on the box below for more details on each item in the gallery
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