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Oct 22 Virtual Parade Night
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Dirty Dragoons
County Trail and WO Bergt's House
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In Person  Classroom Training Starts November 5th

We are happy to report that we have been approved to begin in person training. Classes will be instructed using a hybrid model starting November 5th. A maximum of 5 Cadets per star level will be selected for attendance in person. Check out the blog for more information on the differences between in person and virtual training. 

Cadets selected for in person classroom training must have completed their COVID-19 Awareness training (see below) and their Annual Validation Form (for returning cadets) prior to November 1.

Be sure to have read the COVID Aide de memorie so you understand how training has changed. In addition, keep an eye on the blog page for information for those attending in person and what to expect when you arrive at the corps.

Unable to attend training?

Are you uncomfortable attending in person training? Are you missing the resources needed to attend virtual training? Current cadets that are unable to attend in person or virtually due to unique personal circumstances can contact the cadet corps about retaining their membership at the unit and completing lessons through an independent learning program. Arrangements are on a case by case basis.

COVID-19 Awareness Training


ALL cadets must complete COVID-19 Awareness Training

1. Create a personal account under Cadet/Parent Login (if you completed any of the cadet training in the spring/summer it’s the same login)
2. Find Civilian tab
3. Complete COVID Awareness training
4. Complete COVID Awareness evaluation
5. Save your certificate as a PDF or take a screenshot so your name appears on it
6. Send it to 2051army@cadets.gc.ca

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