Logging onto virtual training

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, cadets may be required to attend lessons virtually. Even when in person training has been approved, only limited number of cadets are able to attend from each star level. Moving forward, other situations may occur that reduce the ability for instructors or cadets to attend lessons in person. Therefore virtual options will be included for lessons wherever possible.

The platform that the cadet corps is currently using is Zoom. Cadets do not need to have an account but it is helpful for them to download the program either on a computer or phone. Cadets will be required to login to training nights using their rank, last name and first initial (Capt Russell, S)

To help maintain a safe and secure environment for the cadets to participate in training, the link for the training nights are not publicly available. Note that cadets will need to be logged into their account in order to access some information. Current cadets and parents are encouraged to become members of the corps' website. In addition, WIX offers an app that can be linked to our site to ensure that you receive notifications related to announcements, events etc. There is also a chat feature on the website/app that goes directly to a staff member to provide assistance and answer questions as required.

Please follow the following steps for logging into the virtual parades:

  • Go to the the corps website and the list of upcoming events.

  • Select the appropriate training night.

  • Once you confirm attendance, you will have the option to save the details to your calendar.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your registration. Included will be the Zoom link for the parade night.

  • Closer to the date, a reminder email will be sent that will also include the Zoom link for the parade night.

  • The Zoom link is different for each week so cadets are required to register for each parade night.

  • When you click on the link the Zoom app/website will open.

  • You will be required to add/confirm your name (rank, last name, first initial)

  • The meeting title should be the current date and either "Virtual" or "Hybrid" parade night.

  • Cadets will be placed in a waiting room pending the staff logging in.

  • The staff will open the meeting at 1830 (6:30pm) in anticipation of classes starting at 1900 (7pm). After 7pm staff are normally instructing and may be unable to assist anyone having difficulty logging on. Therefore cadets are encouraged to login early if they have had problems connecting before.

  • The staff will admit cadets based on their login name and it matching the attendance list of current cadets. If names are unclear or don't match, a message will be sent to the waiting room for more information so make sure you are watching the chat feature.

  • Once admitted into the parade night, cadets will be assigned a breakout room applicable to their star level. A notification will be displayed and cadets will need to accept the offer of moving to the star level room.

  • At the end of the parade night, the star level rooms will be closed and cadets will be moved back into the main parade space for final announcements.

  • Announcements related to specific star levels or groups will be updated in the group chat on the website/app. Announcements applicable to the whole cadet corps will be posted on the main page of the website.

  • There are a number of participant tools as well as a chat feature that instructors may use throughout their lessons. Cadets are encouraged to become familiar with these feature by either watch training videos on Zoom's website or they can post questions in their star level group chat of the website/app.

  • In addition to Zoom, instructors may use other tools for assessments such as Kahoot.it. Cadets will be provided with links or codes related to these during their lessons. They are encouraged to open a new browser page or use an alternate device to participate.

  • Reference materials or work pages related to that week's lesson are posted in the star level group chat on the website/app prior to the lesson. Some materials may be posted afterwards by request. Cadets are encouraged to ensure they belong to the correct star level group chat to stay informed.

  • Some instructors may request cadets to turn on videos as part of the lesson. This is not a requirement and cadets can chose not to display other video images to reduce the amount of bandwidth required. The lesson itself is shared through video so cadets are discouraged from just using the dial in feature.

See you online!

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