Facebook, website and app...oh my!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The corp has recently relaunched its website and with it, it's companion app. This is in addition to the Corps' Facebook page and the Parent Committee' Facebook page. For cadets there is also the Instagram account and WhatsApp chat groups. So what should you be monitoring for information?!

The short answer is any platform that is convenient for you. We are working hard behind the scenes to connect all of these information sources together. On our website is currently a link to the Corps' Facebook page and one for the Parent Committee's will be coming soon. We are also in the process of linking the Instagram account and WhatsApp to both the Corp Facebook page and the website.

While all platforms will have general information, the members area of the website/app will have additional information that is specific to current cadets/parents/staff. This will include permission forms for activities, and links for virtual classes and the ability to book appointments with key staff to start. There will also be additional resources that will be in this area such as training resources for cadets. Cadets will also be added to star level groups in the members area so instructors can share specific training information. We also hope to eventually use the app to send push notifications for urgent changes or reminders.

Access to the members area will be restricted to current cadets/parents/staff. Cadets that have not participated in training for 60 days and are not on a leave of absence, will be removed, as will their parents. Only parents listed on the enrollment application/verification form, will be approved access. This is help ensure that we provide a safe and secure site for people to share relevant information. If you are ever removed and you feel this is in error, the website and app both have a chat feature you can use to get in contact with the staff.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this next phase of our evolution. We encourage you to use these tools as a way to stay engaged with our Corp's community. If there is information or resources you feel would be beneficial, share them with us.

Keep an eye on this page for future information on policy or process announcements and behind the scene explainations.

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