Hello, Parents!

The 2051 Dragoons Parents Association is the main sponsor for all special activities organized by the Unit. All parents are welcome to join and help support this fantastic Unit - and we need your help to ensure 2051 offers the best program for our cadets!

2021-2022 Parents Association Executive

President: Shellie Becker

Vice President: VACANT

Treasurer: VACANT

Secretary: Julie Pullan

Meeting Minutes are available in the Forms & Documents tab of this website.

Special Events

Casino Date:


DATE: December 30th & 31st, 2022

DETAILS: We will require MANY parent volunteers to fill our obligated roster for the upcoming casino.  Please speak with Julie Pullan our Casino Director if you would like to volunteer early to take a favorite job or if you want to fill in last minute pending your personal schedule.  It is never too early to sign up but please make sure you can commit as it is most difficult to find last minute replacements!

The Casino is one of 2051 Dragoons BIGGEST fundraising events!


CONTACT: Email us if you are interested: parents.committee@2051dragoons.com

Upcoming Meeting:


DATE: September 22, 2022

TIME: 1900 (7 PM) 


The meeting will be in person. THURSDAY - Drop your cadet off then join us for the meeting!

Goals for this AGM are...

  • Vote in a new Executive team

  • Learn key cadet 'lingo'

  • Understand how to best support your child in the Army Cadet Program (i.e.: how does our contribution influence the future of 2051 Dragoons)

  • Meet & network with other parents

Remember, 2051 Dragoons is as strong as its sponsors! Get involved, stay informed, and help us make this the best cadet career for your child.


CONTACT: Email us if you are interested or have any questions: parents.committee@2051dragoons.com

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We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. All cadet parents are welcome to join the association.

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